Founded in 1978 by electronics technicians, ETA International (Electronics Technicians Association International) is a not-for-profit, worldwide professional association whose mission is to represent and support the electronics professional. ETA aligns with individual professional goals, vocational and education curriculums, and businesses' resource initiatives through certification programs, conferences, speaking engagements, and book and journal publications. Recognizing the need to verify that fellow electronics technicians had sufficient training in electronics industry standards, including troubleshooting techniques, knowledge of test equipment, and installation procedures, ETA began providing third-party assessment through its own certification programs in 1978.
Aligning with the ISO 17024 standards, and collaborating with education providers and industry professionals, ETA certifications test the knowledge and hands-on skills needed in today's electronics industry. The organization currently has Stand-Alone Certifications and Journeyman Certifications for more than 30 certification programs in all electronics-related fields. The organization has its own Board of Directors, more than 500 subject matter experts serving on various certification advisory committees, a professional certification administration staff, training facilities, and more than 800 exam/certification administrators. ETA actively supports training and education through the development of study guides, technical monographs and seminars, as well as working with a large number of ETA-approved schools and courses.
An ETA certification signifies that the holder has demonstrated professional proficiency and has the technical knowledge and skill to meet international electronics industry standards. ETA certification programs are non-discriminatory, objective, and reasonably priced, setting ETA apart from other manufacturer and product-related certifications. Certification for ETA Fiber Optic InstallerETA Certified Fiber Optic Installer (CFOI) certification identifies you as a technician who has knowledge of basic concepts of fiber optics installation and service which are applicable to all the functions required to safely and competently install fiber optics communications cabling. Fiber Optic Installers are expected to obtain knowledge of basic concepts of fiber optics installation and service which are applicable to all the functions required to safely and competently install fiber optics communications cabling. Once a CFOI has acquired these skills, abilities and knowledge, he or she should be able to enter employment in the telecommunications cabling field. With minimal training in areas unique to the special requirements of individual products or systems designs, the Fiber Optics Installer should become a profitable and efficient part of the workforce. The Splicer Lease School is an Authorized ETA Fiber Optics Training Organization and offers the most effective learning solution available.

We train and certify thousands of technicians and industry specialists each year and our clients include the Department of Defense, Federal Agencies, DOD Contracting Partners, and Fortune 500 companies. Our Expert ETA certified instructors use our patented Learn>Test>Certify™ methodology coupled with our proprietary The Splicer Lease School CMF™(Certification Management Framework). The CMF provides one portal for the organization's Workforce Manager to track and update information about their entire workforce and it provides one location for the individual to track all of their professional training and certification. The Splicer Lease School ETA training solution ensures training and certification success for you or your entire team maximizing your return on training investment. The Splicer Lease School delivers the following Authorized ETA training and certification classes

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