Terms & Conditions

General Rental and Rate Requirements

Customer must provide a valid drivers’ license with photo ID or a copy of the front and back of the license.

Customer must have a valid Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, or American Express credit card. Debit cards may be used, as long as the card displays a major credit card logo. Customer will be asked to provide a copy of the front and back of the credit card being used for the transaction.

Customer must have Certificate of Insurance to prove your liability for the item being rented. The certificate needs to be presented before the rental can be shipped or picked up. To get a certificate, simply contact your insurance company and ask that the Equipment that is being rented be put under the (Rental Equipment Coverage). They will provide you with a coverage certificate showing that the rented equipment is covered under that policy, for your rental period. Most insurance companies have this coverage and will be happy to help you with getting that rented equipment covered under that policy and provide you with a certificate. The insurance company will send a copy of the certificate to you or they can fax, scan or email (info@thesplicerlease.com) a copy of the certificate to thesplicerlease.com. You will need a certificate for each time a piece of equipment is rented. The certificate of insurance does not carry over from one rental period to another.

Upon return, the equipment will be inspected by authorized personnel for functionality and/or missing parts. Any damaged or lost equipment will be charged accordingly. Rental must be paid in full before the item is shipped or picked up. Rental Procedures

A Rental Agreement will be provided and must be read in full and signed before equipment is shipped out. Rental time starts at the time the item is shipped out of our building. Rental termination is counted on the day it is received back at The Splicer Lease, LLC.

All items will be shipped via UPS ground. Customers will not be charged for The customer will be provided with return shippers via UPS to return all gear to The Splicer Lease. Rental prices are subject to change.

Please call ahead for item availability. Reservations are encouraged. Read Contract in full before signing. See sample contract at this link: For reservations and pricing, our friendly staff can be reached the following ways: