Shipping Information

Customer is responsible for the safekeeping of all Equipment and shall bear the risk of any loss, theft, damage or destruction of the Equipment and shall insure each item against such risk or loss for not less than the replacement value of each item.

Customer shall either replace or pay the replacement cost of any item which is lost, stolen, destroyed upon repair.

Until an item has been repaired, replaced or the replacement cost has been paid by Customer, the rental period shall continue, and the Customer shall continue to pay the weekly/monthly rental fee.

Any item or non-expendable material not returned to The Splicer Lease will be charged to Customer at full replacement cost. Customer shall not permit ownership labels, calibration seals and anti-tamper notices to be removed or defaced. If such seals or notices are removed or defaced, Customer shall pay a reasonable calibration or refurbishing fee.

All tools and materials will be shipped to customers via UPS ground. All shipping rates will be applicable to the location that items are shipped to.